This week I received word from my client that they had finished their first round of planting and they sent me the updated pictures.  A very good friend of mine Austin Price is a proper Landscape Architect, and I coordinated with him and the client to reach a vision that complemented the hardscape and providing the clients with the no-fuss backyard they were looking for.  I think it came out perfect!

Pool Cover Shot

Pool Planting

IMG_7975 copy

Background: A client had just purchased a gorgeous and totally original Mid Century Modern in Seal Beach CA.  The standard front courtyard had ton of character, but the back yard had never been truly developed and consisted of overgrown flax, dirt, and scraggly eucalyptus trees.

IMG_7992 copy

The client was looking for a modern design to compliment the existing character, but also be a forward design to work for years to come.

IMG_7987 copy

On the request list was a smaller sized pool and jacuzzi for the kids.  Perfect for those Southern California summers.

IMG_7986 copy

Also high on the list was our floating Ipe wood bench and concrete cast fire pit.
IMG_7984 copy

A BBQ and bar space finishes off the paved surface.

IMG_7979 copy

Some of the finished 3D images that got us to this point


A0.1 30x42

A0.1 Overall PlanThe grid alignment expands across the entire site. Even the concrete score marks line up with this grid.


A slightly skewed design emerged during our conceptual phase.  I took the idea and ran with it.

A-05 Update


  1. Lorenz Krueger

    Friends with Rob and Bridget. Live on Catalina Ave. Rob told me to contact you 955 Catalina. We have the lot behind the property too  they sold all the 2300 square feet behind the property to all the houses on Catalina and Surf place that back up to the wetlands  lot of possibilities for you. Contact me 
    Thanks Larry Krueger

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