One of my favorite clients came to me with an idea that everyone had told him was crazy, but we thought was just crazy enough to work.  He wanted the combination of everything beachfront living had to offer, but also wanted his own lap pool, all in the comfort of a modest lot on the sand.  Our solution? put the pool on the roof.

That idea seemed simple enough, but we thought, why stop there?  TO make this idea even better, we wanted the bottom of the pool to be an expansive piece of glass that allowed a window down into the home below, but also one that let dappled light constantly flood into the spaces below.


Other amenities onsite include a 3-car garage, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, laundry, gym, den and more.  We certainly packed as much as we could into the space, while still preserving that effortless beach style that everyone seems to crave, myself included.

The expansive roof deck was built for a party.  More specifically, a pool party.  Rain or shine (Shine though, please) and dawn till the rise of the next dawn, this roof is ready to go


Filled with luxury finished and space planning, this truly is one of our most ambitious projects yet, and will begin construction soon.

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