Backyardv2B D


I like to call these kinds of quick sketches designs-over-beers.  It really is one of the best ways to get ideas flowing.  The client was looking for a way to bring together a lot of ideas.  As one of the bigger back-yard spaces in Seal Beach, they almost had more room to work with than ideas.


Backyardv2B H

The wide but relatively shallow back yard came to me with questions regarding the lot sloping.  The existing lawn landscape had originally sloped directly towards the house, inviting flooding during large rainstorms.

Backyardv2B F

This concept was created to show a sloping design that fit with the casual atmosphere being sought.  Using SketchUp to quickly layout allowed me to quickly show the unique sloping condition at the retaining wall behind.

Backyardv2B E

The client was also looking for ways to seamlessly blend the spa, fire pit and lawn areas, while still providing a small pool deck.  As a family of five, with many close friends, they were also looking for an idea that would be as convertible as possible from just the family, or the entire neighborhood.

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